Who Needs TV When You Can Watch a Painting? -2

Continuation of part 1 of the article by : Sometimes a painting really draws you in. Growing up, being fascinated by the Civil War and looking at illustrated histories of it, there was always a specialness to the naval battle scenes. I could spend hours looking at the pictures and playing the scene in my […]

Who Needs TV When You Can Watch a Painting? -1

By Daniel Kretschmer When I look at a painting, the artist speaks to me. I can picture the painter at work at his easel, making the brush strokes, mixing the paint and pigments. I see the blank parts of the canvas and the colors and I can almost imagine what they are thinking. And I […]

Beyond CM Coolidge’s Art: what’s behind ‘Dogs Playing Poker’

I love articles written by genuine artists about other artists they admire. There is a sense of truth & admiration in their choice of words that I find attractive. Usually, while their views might be biased, their opinions are usually informed and educated. I hope you too enjoy this article by Melanie Light on one […]