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e-tarot CD Rom

Love the tarot but can't read cards? this cd rom is for you!

tarot cards were used by our ancestors to tap into knowledge of the universe. e-tarot will assist you in making the most of daily life.

regular price: US$40; Valentine Price: US$24.95;

Shipping to the US is $6.

how it works

stroll through a serene garden .. at the stone bench, choose from many reading options:
  1. annual reading - include detailed reading for each month of the coming year.
  2. celtic cross reading - the classic spread.
  3. weekly reading - what's going on now.
  4. present and future overview - understanding a situation.
  5. reading for the day - inspiration and guidance.
  6. the circumstance around you - viewing your blind spots.
after selecting your type of readings, your full reading answers are beautifully displayed in colour for your enjoyment. they can be printed for ongoing reference and archiving.

unique features

one of the philosophies of tarot is that we attract cards that hold correct messages. because there are multiple readings for each card, the most appropriate reading for the user is the one that will be chosen.

accept and work with the readings you receive, and trust the wisdom of the tarot. readings are given to assist you. of course we all have free will to change anything, and so create our future.


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