Contemporary Fine Art Paintings & 
	Photography by Artist Astrid Lee, Vancouver, BC.
Encouraging Hearts Paintings - Contemporary Art

Today's Western official symbol for love and affection, the heart symbol, has evolved in shape and meaning over time. It has been found in many cultures, not just the West.

The heart is a combination of ideograms: the symbols for fire or flight from the Middle Ages, its equivalent from the open sign structures, completed with the symbol for togetherness.

Historically, the heart symbol was a religious icon. Ancient Egyptians called the heart symbol 'Ieb': the center of all consciousness, the center of life itself. It was the only organ not removed during mummification.

To Christians, the heart represents charity, hope or forgiveness as in the Sacred Heart.

Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Taoists, Celts and others religions have used the heart icon in some form. The heart was the center of thought, emotion or the soul, the center of one's being.

May - Sept 2009: no prints for sale

friendship heart painting
Friendshipfriendship heart painting

12" x 12" Original US$225
Fine Art Print US$99

fine art, heart painting with text, heart to succeed
Heart to Succeedred heart painting with graffity

12" x 12" Original US$195

love, heart mandala
Heart MandalaBlack & white heart mandala painting

18" x 18" Original US$182 no longer available

Astrid Lee, Painting, Heart Mandala
Giving Out Love
Brings Good Luck
Black & white heart mandala painting

11" x 11" Fine Art Print US$99

physical heart, real heart, painting
Real Heart real heart painting

Fine Art Print US$99

Love U, heart with tulip painting, 2002-2007

Look into my Heart and
you'll see that I love you
Love U, heart with tulip painting
24" x 24" Original US$700

Fine Art Print US$99

fine art 
            painting, Healing Heart, Made in USA
Made in USA made in USA, heart painting with text

23" x 23" Original US$345

pink heart painting, baby love
Baby Love Baby love, heart painting with ribbons


Green & orange Heart painting
Forest Heart green & orange heart painting
12"x 12" Fine Art Print US$99

Large painting, Purple heart, with pink ribbon
Purple Heart purple heart painting
46" x 46" Original US$1800

astrid lee, acrylic painting, pure heart
Pure Heart friendship heart painting

Fine Art Print US$99

cowboy heart painting with text (Love You)
Love You, Santa Fe Love You Santa Fe, heart painting in cowboy colors with

12" x 12" Original US$149
Fine Art Print US$99

images not to scale;
actual sizes vary
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