Astrid Lee

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 Artist Astrid Lee      Acrylics Painting

Love you Santa fe-style

Acrylics with newsprint snippets, on stretched canvas.

Artwork size: 12"x12"
price original: US$149; $20 packing & shipping cost to the US. Astrid Lee's artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Framing optional: While stapled on the sides, they are gesso-ed over. Sides are painted black.

This painting carries special energy. Not only is it a tribute to the 'rough' but pure and honest Santa Fe- cowboy style, it also carries the Spirited energy of Reiki.


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This work has been exhibited at the show 'Art in the Hood' at the Flower factory in Vancouver, BC, Canada in July-August 2005. Previously, this work has been exhibited at Carr & ferrell's gallery, Palo Alto, California, February 2003.


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