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  1. 'The Architecture Pack : A Unique, Three-Dimensional Tour of Architecture over the Centuries : What Architects Do, How They Do It' by Ron Van Der Meer, Deyan Sudjic (Contributor), Knopf, October 1997.
    The Architecture Pack is a building lover's dream--delectable paper. models of the Roman Colosseum, Chartres Cathedral, the 1972 Munich Olympic Stadium, and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles are among the architectural wonders that literally leap out from every page. As if these models weren't enough, The Architecture Pack also includes all kinds of unexpected treasures: a Dutch house you can build yourself, transparencies that reveal how cities or buildings grow, and many more objects that instruct even as they delight.


  2. 'Towards a New Museum' by Victoria Newhouse / Monacelli Pr / June 1998.
    Should art museums be designed to surprise and delight or to instruct and uplift? Should the museum building be a temple of art or an entertainment complex? Architectural historian Victoria Newhouse considers these and other questions about museums in her book Towards a New Museum. Newhouse examines dozens of art museums built during the 1980s and 1990s and describes how the buildings fit into the history of ideas about the proper function of museums.


  3. Architecture : Form, Space, & Order by Frank D. K. Ching, Francis D. Ching, John Wiley & Sons, February 1996.
    This rich source of architectural prototypes also serves a a guide to architectural drawing.


  4. 'How Buildings Learn : What Happens After They're Built' by Stewart Brand, Penguin USA (Paper), October 1995. price: $20.76
    Like people, buildings change with age, forced to adapt to the needs of current occupations. This provocative examination of buildings that have adapted well, and some that haven't, calls for a dramatic rethinking in the way new buildings are designed, one that allows structures to grow and change easily with the environment. Photos.


  5. 'Surfaces' : Visual Research for Artists, Architects, and Designers' by Judy A. Juracek, W.W. Norton & Company, November 1996. price: $59.50
    A reader from Ithaca, NY , October 30, 1998: Awesome book, great CD ROM! This book is worth the $$ not only because of the excellent images it contains but also because of the CD ROM that comes with it. All the pictures in the book are contained in the disc and are easy to print or e-mail so you don't have to carry the book around.


  6. Architectural Graphic Standards (9th Edition) by John Ray Hoke(Editor), et al, John Wiley & Sons, March 1994. price: $210.
    The classic reference used by architects and builders since 1932.


  7. Architecture Theory Since 1968 by K. Michael Hays(Editor), MIT Press (paperback) , April 2000. price: $35.
    This long-awaited anthology presents forty-seven of the primary texts of contemporary architecture theory, introducing each by detailing the concepts and categories necessary for its understanding and evaluation. It also presents twelve documents of projects or events that had major theoretical repercussions for the period. Several of the essays appear here in English for the first time.
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