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	Photography by Artist Astrid Lee, Vancouver, BC.
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Art Magazines

Review the best art magazines to buy worldclass art, to know what is going on in the field of art, to gain inspiration, to browse top galleries' current exhibitions, and more... You may sign up for any of these leading magazines here. Enjoy the free coupon for 'Art in America'.

Art Magazines

Magazines on Fine Craft and Photography

Some fine craft is art. Here is a review of top magazines for artisans, including textile and paper artists, and photographers.

Magazines on Fine Craft



The great muses of all, architecture, of course, warrants special attention from art lover and buyer alike. Read the reviews of many, gorgeous books on architectures, included classic reference works.

Books on Architecture

Books on Art Collecting

Some art lovers relish the art of collecting!

To educate yourself on pricing structures and auction results, work through our art collecting resources. Have fun building your own fine art collection!

Books on Collecting Art

Market your Artwork

selling your artwork online is one thing, but to develop a comprehensive 'business' system behind it, is another. these marketing books should help you to make a living out of making and marketing art .

Art Marketing Books

Art making inspiration

come on, we all need inspiration. this selection of books include interviews by artists. they offer both their art and thoughts. check it out.

Inspirational Books for artists


Books on Art, Spirituality & Healing

There's no way out: making art is a soulful activity. Find our way in by using our book reviews on this topic.

Books on Art, Spirituality and Healing


Books on Murals

In a land where grafiti has long be considered art rather than vandalism, The Netherlands, one can expect murals everywhere. We are taking this to the net, with 'how to' manuals as well as mural collection books.

Books on Murals


Art tools 'n' techniques

Looking for a new medium? Want to hear how others use their tools? Check out our reference books on

Art Tools & Techniques


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