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Recommended Books on How To Market Your Art

'Taking the leap: building a career as a visual artist' by Cay Lang.

Personally, I LOVE this book. Great getting- started book, as well as ongoing reference. Just the right tone too - you can tell... she knows!' - Astrid


'the artist-gallery partnership: a practical guide to consigning art' by ted crawford, and others. paperback, allworth press, 1998.

Reader review: 5 star.
'The best book of its kind!!! I own a small gallery because I love art and artists, but I was not prepared for the variety of business and legal headaches that this field could produce. During yet another frantic call to my attorney, she recommended this book to me and life has been considerably calmer ever since. Let's face it: art is a business and if you are an artist or a gallery owner, you can't afford to be without this information. I use this book to maintain records; I check paperwork against it before visiting my accountant; I use its sample forms and agreements every time I get the place ready for a new exhibit; and I follow this book's advice with every sale and display we make. This book should be required reading for everyone who has anything to do with art consignment... '


'how to survive and prosper as an artist' by caroll michels; paperback, owl books, december 2001.

Average customer reviews: 4/5;
'...the very best book I've found to demystify the artist's process of dealing with the fine art/gallery world.' diana bryan, graphic news, graphic artists guild.



'public art review' magazine. -- forecast public artworks; a semi-annual journal which explores the many dimensions of public art. each issue focuses on a theme - such as graffiti, first amendment issues, or monuments and memorials - and offers information about recently completed projects and artist opportunities, as well as critical reviews of books, exhibits and conferences for anyone interested in the ongoing evolution of public art. price subscription: $30.92; 2 issues/12 months


Portfolio Design by Harold Linton, Steven Rost (Photographer), W.W. Norton & Company, August 1996. price: $21.
A finely tailored portfolio is the most important element you include in your application for graduate school or a design grant or competition, or bring to a job interview. Portfolio Design shows you how to assemble the portfolio that will display your talents and qualifications to the best advantage, whether you work in architecture, urban planning, landscape design, or interior design.


'How to master the art of selling' by tom hopkins, J. douglas edwards (introduction), paperback, reissued Ed., warner books, november 1994. price: $11.99 you save: $3.00 (20%). also available in hardcover.
Readers reviews: 5/5: 'The only sales book that you need' according to book reviewer Ian P Bierley from Silicon Valley, January 26, 2000. 'Over the last ten years I have passed this book to friends and employees around the world. Every single individual who has read it has declared it as the best book ever written on professional selling. If only schools would introduce it as part of their curriculum. '

Buy it or die! says book reviewer Brodd from Stockholm, Sweden, January 10, 2000. 'Don't take this serious, but are you really planning to do great buisness? This book is awesome, I repeat AWSEOME! My father was a topseller, and he builded all is fortune upon books like this, and this book was his finest weapon He died 5 years ago, and here I'm now, and trying to keep what he tought me, what do I use in this struggle? This book! It's a must for the one who's selling, and it will give you many nice hours of reading! '


'Art marketing 101: a handbook for the fine artist' by constance smith, paperback, f&w publications; 2nd edition (january 30, 2000). price: $17.47 you save: $7.48 (30%).
Readers reviews: 5/5: '..i bought 'art marketing 101' to help a friend/artist, and two months later found her art in galleries, shows, and then I discovered that the artist was making lists (while inputting them into her computer) of all the possible patrons, exhibits, and other extended ways to display her beautiful art. she now runs a business for her art.... this book is an incredible inspiration...' 'invaluable "how-to" book. from the psychology of selling to legal matters, it covers it all..'


'The business of art' by caplin, paperback, prendice hall, 3rd ed., 1998. price: $13.97 you save: $5.98 (30%).
this book is the write up of a forum, and is multi-faceted as such: some info is for emerging artists, other info for established artists. good reference in combi with other business of art books.

'How to grow as an artist' by daniel grant, paperback, allworth press, 2002. price: $11.87 you save: $5.08 (30%).
Chicago artists' news: ''expert insight advice on practical matters, where to exhibit, finding dealers, how to frame, pack, and ship art, and more.'

'Crafting as a business' by wendy rosen, anne childress, 2nd ed., paperback, sterling publications, december 1998. price: $19.96, you save: $4.99 (20%).
customer reviews: 'excellent resource for all small biz owners' according to Beth Ann from Irving, Texas, May 17, 1999. 'Hats off to Wendy Rosen for a book that serves a wide audience of small business owners. If your major is biology or literature...not business...let Rosen be your guide out here in the "Real World" of productivity, presentation, marketing, and sales. An excellent resource for ideas and angles, especially but not only, for crafters. '
'A comprehensive resource book with hundreds of contacts.' according to another reader. 'This book contains hundreds of necessary resources. Nearly 400 galleries are listed with phone and contact name along with a short description of what type of art the gallery carries. If you want to know howtgt into the best shows, learn how to price your work, wholesale to stores and galleries this book tells it all. NOT a generals business primer--- this book offers specific advice from expert successful artists.'

'2004 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market' (Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market, 2004), by Mary Cox and Mona Michael (Editors). price: $17.49 (30% discount of list). Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars. (based on 18 reviews). every artist and illustrator should have a copy on their shelves.resource.

'Graphic artists guild handbook : pricing & ethical guidelines' (10th Ed) by graphic artists guild, 2001. price: $24.47 (discount, 30%)
the most respected single reference for buyers and sellers of creative work returns in an updated 10th edition, containing the latest, essential information on business, pricing, and ethical standards for nearly every discipline in the visual communications industry--from advertising to publishing to corporate markets. note: seems a tat out of date re. webdesign, but still totally right-on for all other design! as a designer, you need this book.


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review our books on collecting art to obtain a buyers' side perspective.

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