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  c a t a l o g


santana - 'supernatural' cd

tracks include:

  1. (da le) yaleo
  2. love of my life (featuring dave matthews)
  3. put your lights on (featuring everlast)
  4. the calling (featuring eric clapton)
  5. .. and many other great songs! get the cd today and get happy listening to these super supernatural sounds. :-)

what's so special about santana ?

guitar king santana delved deep into meditative arts and spirituality. he has proven that talent, determination, and passion are key. his inspirational story is timeless.

rickie lee jones - 'pop pop' cd

album includes songs like:

  1. i won't grow up
  2. my one and only love
  3. second time around
  4. dat dere
  5. bye bye blackbird

who is rickie lee jones?

rickie lee jones...a shaman disguised as pop artist. she flies like a circus aerialist...I know there's something really important about what she's doing that goes beyond the whole show biz thing. it's the authenticity. she's the real thing, you know, and that's what I will remember long after the circus leaves town."
gene skala, painter

the sting - 'brand new day' cd

listen to the greatest :

  1. a 1,000 years
  2. desert rose
  3. big lie small world
  4. after the rain has fallen
  5. perfect love...gone wrong
  6. ghost story
  7. brand new day

why is sting a great artist?
melancholic or in upbeat moods, sting is real deep and real in tune.


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